Handcrafted Jewelry from Minnesota

Jeannie Trelles, Minnesotan artist and craftswoman, creates 

one-of-a-kind jewelry that express your unique style. 

from 60.00




Our inspiration comes from the materials we find on our travels. Natural materials, like stones, feathers, leather and shells have a voice in each of our handcrafted pieces. 

After many years of collecting beads and making jewelry we decided it was time to turn a hobby into a business. 

Simply one stone or strand of beads will inspire an entire look. I may have a general idea of the design when I start a piece, but it usually changes as I select the colors and shapes that best complement my focal stone.

I am most inspired when I have new materials that I am excited to use, especially stones that I have purchased traveling abroad. I also am very inspired by working with a client to create a one of a kind piece specifically for them.


Vikse Designs loves working one on one with clients to develop a unique jewelry piece just for you! Shop our online store, visit us at an event or set up an appointment to order a one of a kind design all your own!